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Origin Architecture & Engineering has become one of the leading offices in Belgium specialised in the restoration and renovation of monument and sites. Most buildings we restore are protected or listed on an inventory of buildings with exceptional heritage values.

Why do we wish to restore heritage?
Nostalgia is not our 'leitmotiv'. We choose to build for the future; but also see ourselves as the stewards of these layered historic structures on behalf of the communities and individuals that will use, live and enjoy them. From this perspective, we serve the needs and opportunities of the future while carefully preserving and respecting the heritage of our past.

This website provides an overview of our most representative projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further queries. Origin will gladly reply to all your questions.Our projects include religious and civil buildings of all styles and periods, including modern and contemporary architecture.

Origin consists of a team of architects, engineers and technical experts, who offer general approaches including historical studies, stability surveys and technical solutions.

In 2001, Charlotte Nys, Michel Provost and Barbara Pecheur, formerly with BGroup, an engineering company, founded Origin Architecture & Engineering. BGROUP was founded in 1976 and focused primarily on structural assignments. BGroup initially specialised in complex projects, particularly related to the stability of old buildings and diversified its expertise to include technical installations, technical aspects of the architecture, general studies and contractor coordination.

Charlotte Nys, Michel Provost and Barbara Pecheur formed Origin to carry on with their expertise in the stabilization of old buildings and expand restoration and renovation activities. As the company expanded, four new partners joined the founders: in 2008 Cécile Mairy , in 2012 Philippe Lemineur and in 2018 Julie Scandolo and Robin Engels. Currently, Origin now has seven active associates.

Origin's philosophy is to begin with an extensive preliminary study to retrieve as much information about the restoration site’s history and heritage values. This enables Origin to define and prioritize the available restoration options. The restoration options should equally respect the heirloom as well as any potential functions and regulations (durability, fire safety, disabled access, etc....). Origin focuses primarily on producing quality yet reversible interventions in order to defend the principle of preserving the essential materials and forms. Consolidation and/or restoration of the materials are preferred over replacement.


Origin sponsors projects related to Culture and Heritage via Prométhéa. 

(More information can be found on http://www.promethea.be)

Origin's values:

Creativity - Respect - Communication - Development - Transmission


- Creativity to propose the most pertinent interventions.
- Creativity to study and prescribe the most suitable technical solutions.

- Profound respect for the heritage whose restoration studies we are entrusted with.
- The ability to listen and respect in all levels of our organisation, when dealing with clients, authorities such as "Monuments and Sites", as well as external and internal co-operators.

- Communicating heritage to the broad public through teaching assignments, specialized journals, heritage days, etc.…
- Transparant comunication with our clients, the involved authorities, the main contractor, etc.…

- The assignments we carry out require teamwork: we promote our internal team at Origin as well as the partnerships with our client, main contractor, subcontractors, etc....
- Each team must be a place where every individual is able to develop himself.

- Transmission and preservation of our heritage for the next generations.


Construction Quality

Concerned with guaranteeing its clients' satisfaction, Origin has implemented an annual quality control procedure to assess and manage realized projects for all stages. In September 2008 Origin obtained the Construction Quality label. Since then, Origin has continued to work to improve its services and activities.

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